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Meeting of shareholders

The supreme organ of the management of Farg’onaazot JSC is the General Meeting of Shareholders, which is held annually. The general meeting of shareholders, held in addition to the Annual, is considered extraordinary.

Shareholders owning ordinary shares have the right to vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders. Any shareholder, personally or through his representative, has the right to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders. A meeting is eligible if it is attended by shareholders who hold an aggregate of more than 50% of the shares.

Shareholders of the company

Joint-stock company "Uzkimyosanoat" 49,15% of shares of JSC «Farg'onaazot»
State Unitary Enterprise “State Assets Management Centre 49,87% of shares of JSC «Farg'onaazot»
Physical persons 0,98% of the shares of JSC «Farg'onaazot»

The Supervisory Board plays the most important role in the corporate governance system of Farg’onaazot JSC, exercising overall management of the Company's activities in the interests of its investors and shareholders.

The most important function of the Supervisory Board is to determine the priority areas of the Company's activities, strategic, medium-term and annual planning, summarizing the Company's activities.


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