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Recently, a social networking channel posted a report on Ferghanaazot's activities. In this regard, Ferghanaazot JSC declares:

It is worth noting that there are some inaccuracies in the message. The phrase, “Higher education personnel are also black workers”, as the author noted, has been widely studied by our society. Recruitment to Ferghanaazot JSC is carried out in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. As of January 1, 2020 the number of employees with higher education in Ferghanaazot is 1083 people. Of these, 178 are executives, 427 are personnel, 132 are technicians, 9 are service employees, 337 are production employees. As you can see, this information contradicts the statement "Higher education personnel are also employed as black workers".

The statement reads, "The minimum wage in our plant is 600,000 sums." rewards for performance of a particularly important production task of motivation of employees for financial incentives based on the requirements, premium for work experience, professionalism and high performance Introduction of overtime, personal overtime, types of staff, as of January 2019, the average salary in Ferganaazot JSC was 1 467 000 (one million four hundred sixty seven thousand) sum, 2019 1 as of December 1, the average monthly wage was 1,829,000 (one million eight hundred twenty nine thousand) sums.

Telephone hotline of "Ferghanaazot" Joint Stock Company: (73) 242-63-90

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